USAMV manages a research greenhouse which offers an unique opportunity to test and demonstrate the new heat pump concept and thermal energy storage within a realistic operational environment.

Estimated results

  • Conceptual design and verification of an integrated energy supply system for an optimised operation of a greenhouse at the USAMV location in Bucharest, including heating, cooling and seasonal thermal energy storage.
  • Proof of concept by USAMV through the demonstration of the functionality in order to verify the design and expected performance.
  • 30% reduction of the primary energy consumption.
  • Reduction of fossil fuel-firing by at least 50%.
  • Improved operational stability of the greenhouse and extended production period into the month of November or longer.
  • Increased productivity on the example of tomatoes from 1.6 kg m-2 year-1 to 50-75 kg m-2 year-1 by optimising the greenhouse climatic conditions and enabling seasonal thermal storage
  • Involvement of stakeholders and producers through dedicated workshops and demo days.
  • Establishment of a long-term research collaboration between SINTEF and USAMV on interdisciplinary research topics between the fields of energy and agriculture for future sustainable projects.
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