ClimaGreen will investigate by proof-of-concept how to increase the productivity of a Romanian greenhouse through optimized indoor climatic conditions. The integration of sustainable energy supply through heat pumps will be designed and the seasonal thermal energy storage will be explored.

ClimaGreen's objectives

The overall aim of ClimaGreen is to demonstrate by proof-of-concept the integration of heat pumps in the operation of greenhouses for increased productivity, and to evaluate the how thermal energy storage can be integrated in order to operate the greenhouse in the winter with the excess heat from the summer.

Secondary objectives of the project are:

  • Design and tendering of the prototype greenhouse heat pump system
  • Modeling and simulation of the greenhouse heat pump system and air flow (CFD)
  • Installation of the prototype heat pump in the greenhouse compartments of the research greenhouse at USAMV
  • Prototype performance testing for optimized operation of the concept
  • Demonstrate energy-efficient and environment-friendly operation of greenhouses
  • Demonstrate control and optimised climatic conditions for enhanced overall productivity of greenhouse plants and vegetables
  • Evaluate potential seasonal thermal storage for greenhouse site locations in Romania


Currently, the greenhouse uses a fossil-fuel gas boiler. Besides allowing for an improved control of the climatic conditions, installing the heat pump system will also minimize the use of energy. ClimaGreen aims to reduce fossil-fuel demand by 50% and the primary energy consumption by 30%. This energy efficiency strategy will increase sustainability while providing an economically viable system. The strategy is in line with the EU Green Deal which aims to achieve no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050 (European Commission). Moreover, the project follows the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With an emphasis on SDG13 “climate action”, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the aims of ClimaGreen. SDG3 “good health and well-being” is another goal as the project targets the reduction of some potentially harmful acids and particulate matter. Furthermore, the transfer towards the use of renewable energy is advanced towards achieving SDG7 “affordable and clean energy”. Finally, the project follows SDG9 “industry, innovation and infrastructure” and SDG12 “responsible consumption and production” through the technology advancements and the resulting sustainable energy usage (United Nations). In a larger sense, it can be argued that the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will benefit the local community just as well as the continental and global ones.

Sharing knowledge

Researchers and farmers alike will benefit from ClimaGreen. The results will be shared with students and industry professionals to showcase the advantages of the heat pump system. The know-how will also be used to build social awareness around the energy efficiency challenge. As such, the research results will be made available to the public in a non-technical manner through various media channels: newsletters, magazines and social media.

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